The H.I.T Tools are a lot more than anything ever released on the market. It’s a fully patented tool! We have 5 total SKU’s public, and then 15 more coming out soon. We are the only patented hammerless tools. Heat treated steel, black oxide finish, over 5000 PSI and 100% made in the USA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 get yours today at for $13.49 free shipping #tools #handtools #getsprung #thetakedown #painting #paintingcontractor #housepainting #finishcarpentry #homeowner #diy #diyprojects #woodworker #woodworking #besttool #hottools #hittools #springtooling #patented #trademarked

The HIT Tool Gets Everyday Tasks Done Quickly

Spokane, WA, January 20, 2022 – Hammerless Impact Technology has been harnessed in pocket-sized HIT Tools. Technicians and do-it-yourselfers can say “so long” to the days of awkwardly trying to juggle a punch tool in one hand and a hammer in the other. These powerful and versatile spring-loaded tools make it possible to deftly remove door pins, make drill guide indentations and countersink finishing nails and brads. Their slim profiles also get the user into tight spaces, delivering force where a hammer just won’t fit. Because they slip into the pocket like a regular ballpoint pen, HIT Tools are always within easy reach for unexpected home repairs and adjustments.

Designed by a small team of doers in the Inland Northwest, HIT Tools are effective on wood and metal projects. They can be used for an array of tasks in residential, commercial and technical settings. Currently available in 5 styles, these multipurpose instruments can be used as field stripping tools, as transfer punches in fabrication projects, and for creating perfectly centered holes for hardware installation. Each of our Hammerless Impact Tools delivers up to 5,000 PSI impact force, with a new Comfort Grip style that maximizes control and accuracy. With an ever-growing catalog of tool options that will include chisel tips and heavy-duty versions, there is no job too big or too complex for HIT Tools to have an impact on.

Patent-pending HIT Tools are manufactured in the USA, using the highest-quality materials that include premium steel. Their black oxide finish makes them rust- and corrosion resistant. They withstand repeated exposures to damp and humid environments, both indoors and outdoors. Given their superior design and construction, HIT Tools are covered by a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. These indispensable devices belong in the toolboxes of construction workers, home remodelers, armorers, auto mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. Simple and easy-to-use HIT Tools Hammerless Impact Tools give every project an accurate, professional and reliable finish, quicker and with less elbow grease.

Give repairs and installations greater impact.

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